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Karpaten Meat website

JustDesign and KarpatenMeat met through a mutual client, who has recommended our services to the Swiss company. For start we made the company presentation site, provide technical support and hosting, but in the near future we will also provide SEO services for KarpatenMeat.

The project we start together aim to achieve an appropriate profile in the virtual environment for KarpatenMeat, a Swiss company that has decided to start promoting its subsidiary in Romania. Given the company's activity, together we decided that the website should be very simple, clean and focusing on information.

The web site has been built on our content management system - SquareCMS and all the content management is done by our clients without any difficulties. As further details about the site we can specify:

  • The web site supports three languages (whenever additional languages can be added)
  • Header contains different images on each menu page
  • Design was conducted in accordance with existing logo

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