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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The primary objective of a website is high exposure for the search engines. Therefore, a coherent SEO campaign is needed for an efficient promotion of the website.

In the search engine optimization process we use multiple tools, such as:

  • SquareCMS - a powerful CMS, made by JustDesign, adjusted to be SEO friendly
  • Efficiently and correctly define of keywords, avoiding the common mistakes which may lead to a negative weight in calculating the importance of the site
  • Text adaptation from each page in a way that it will efficiently deliver the message
  • Efficient layout implementation in XHTML + CSS, a method preferred by search engines.

There are two main strategies for addressing SEO: internal strategy and external strategy.

Internal strategy involves content optimization so that it will be more relevant to potential clients and for it to appear as the top search engine results for keywords determined by the customer.

The second one, the external strategy involves optimizing the external information access from outside and creating a network as rich as possible so it attract more traffic to the site.

Another very important aspect often neglected is that of eliminating unwanted traffic, to eliminate "noise".

On the external strategy we can come up with consulting services and suggestions for improving traffic. At the same time, all sites created by us are added in the most important search engines and online directories for a very good visibility.

Internal optimization strategy is done primarily by creating an optimal layout, thru rules and indications that are offered by our CMS, using friendly links (friendly URL's), as well as regular traffic analysis, trend visitors, and statistics provided by the search engines.

All our sites are monitored by Google Analytics and our consulting services provides periodic reports to interpret the reports, and suggest new optimization tips.


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